To the most Serene, and most Illustrious
Duke of VENICE.

It having been told me here at
Brescia, Most Serene and Most
Illustrious Prince, that about ten
years since, that a Ship full-laden
did sinke near to Malamoccho, in
about 5 Fathome of Water, and
that to endeavour the recovering and getting it from
thence, there had been used all those Means, and boun­
tifull Offers and Tenders that could be imagined, aswel
by the Illustrious Signory, for the Preservation of the
Port, as by the chief Owners of the Ship and its Cargo:
and that although there were many that had tried, and
attempted the same, by sundry and divers wayes, of no
small expence, and that it had been sever all times well
grappled and begirt, yet nevertheless as far as I could
hear, none of them were able to raise her from that small
depth: And it being also told me, that of late there was
another sunk again in less than four Fathome of Water,
so that all its Poope and Prow, and a greate part of its
Hull, was above Water, and that yet not with standing this
also was judged by the fruitless Experiments and Ex­
penses made about the former, to be irrecoverable, so