Her most Serene
Gran Duchess Mother.

Some years since, as Your most Serene Highness well
knoweth, I did discover many particulars in Hea­
ven that had been unseen and unheard of untill
this our Age; which, as well for their Novelty, as
for certain consequences which depend upon
them, clashing with some Physical Propositions commonly recei­
ved by the Schools, did stir up against me no small number of
such as professed the vulgar Philosophy in the Universities; as if
I had with my own hand newly placed these things in Heaven to
obscure and disturb Nature and the Sciences: who forgetting
that the multitude of Truths contribute, and concur to the inve­
stigation, augmentation, and establishment of the Arts, and not to
their diminution, and destruction; and at the same time shewing
themselves more affectionate to their own Opinions, than to
Truth, went about to deny, and to disprove those Novelties; of
which their very sense, had they but pleased to have intensly be­
held them, would have rendered them thorowly assured. And
to this purpose they alledged sundry things, and published cer­
tain Papers fraughted with vain discourses; and which was a
more gross errour, interwoven with the attestations of the Sacred
Scriptures, taken from places by them not rightly understood,
and which did not any thing concern the point for which they
were produced Into which errour perhaps they would not
have run, if they had but been advertised of a most profitable
Document which S. Augustine giveth us, concerning our pro­
ceeding warily, in making positive determinations in points that