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Thomas Cooper
Thesaurus Linguae Romanae et Britannicae

Terminus, términi, pen. cor. Ci.

A signe declaring one mans land or grounde from an other. A bound: a limite. The end of any thing. Pangere terminos, Vide PANGO. To sette boundes or meeres. Constituere sibi certos fines & terminos. Ci. Nullis terminis circumscribere aut definire ius suum. Cic. Terminus. Cic. The ende of any thing. Omnium ætatum certus est terminus: senectutis autem nullus certus est terminus. Angustus æui terminus. Virg. Finis & terminus contentionum. Cic. Malorum terminus. Lucret. Longius quàm vitæ termini postulant, cogitare. Cice. To looke and minde further, than the boundes and compasse of his life requyreth. Terminus supremus. Plin. Stabilis terum terminus. Hor. A steadfast ende of things. Si hic terminus hæret. Virg. If this be an end certaine and vnmutable. Immobilis terminus. Claud. Terminâlis & hoc terminâle. pe. prod. Belonging to bounds. vt, Terminalis lapis. A meere stone.