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Comelati, Guglielmo, Davenport, John,
A New Dictionary of the Italian and English Languages

Témp-o, s. m. dim. Témp-étto, aug. Témp-óne,

1time.Passar il —, to pass the time away. Spender il — allo studio, to spend one's time in study. Perder il —, to lose one's time. Accomodarsi al —, to be a time-server. Col —, in time;

2time, leisure. Non ho —, I have no time, I am not at leisure;

3time, season, opportunity, occasion. Aspettar il —, to wait for an oppor-tunity. Il — è favorevole, this is a favourable opportunity;

4time, season. Il — della raccolta,harvest-time. Il primo —, spring. Giovane —, the spring of the year;

5time, age, days.Nel — del re Carlo primo, in the time of Charles the First. Un giovane del mio —, a young man of my age. Quanti travagli, lasso, ho sofferti nel mio —! alas! how many troubles have I undergone in my days! In quel —,in those times, in those days. Tempi calamitosi,troublesome, hard or bad times. Di notte —, in the night time;

6age. Uomo di —,an aged man;

7the menses. — degli oriuoli,the balance wheel of a clock or watch. A tempi, a —, timely, in due time, opportunely, in the nick of time. A —, in time. A — e luogo, in the proper time and place, seasonably. Esser a —, to be in time. Al —, in due time. Egli è buon —, it is a great while ago. Chi — ha, e — aspetta, — perde, time lost can never be retrieved. Un —, once on a time, formerly. Corre il —, to take the opportunity. Non è più —, it is too late. Per —,early, betimes. Di — in —, now and then, sometimes. Poco — appresso, a little time after. — fù, formerly, in former days, before. Di gran —, a long while ago. Dare pe'tempi,to sell upon credit. Darsi buon —, to live merrily, to take one's pleasure. Far, conceder —, to take time. Fare buon —, to be merry. — viene chi può aspettarlo, a little patience brings things to maturity. Ogni cosa doma il —, time conquers all things. Dar — al —, to wait a favourable opportunity;

8the weather.Fa bel —, it is fine, fair weather. Fa cattivo —, it is bad weather. — nero, cloudy weather. Il — si racconcia, it grows fair weather again. Pervertire l'ordine del —, to commit anachronisms. A — a —, from time to time, now and then. Prender —, to take time, to temporize.