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Comelati, Guglielmo, Davenport, John,
A New Dictionary of the Italian and English Languages

Misúr-a, s. f. dim. Misúr-étta,

1measure, that by which any thing is measured; 2 measure, any determinate quantity used as a standard with which others may be compared;

3recompence, requital. Dar la —, to requite, to render like for like;

4measure, rule, way, order. Senza —, beyond excess, passionately;

5time or measure in music;

6a just distance in fencing to make a pass. Pigliar le misure, to take measures to bring a thing about. Romper le misure, to break one's measures, to disappoint or baffle his designs. A — che, whilst, as soon as, according to. A —, proportionably;

7resolution, purpose, intent. Esser tagliato ad una —, to be all of one kidney. Far —, to measure. A —, in a measured or staid manner. A — del possibile, as much as possible. A buona —, good measure. — scema, short measure. A colma —, abundantly. Fuor di —, excessive. Oltre —, beyond all measure.