Thomas Cooper
Thesaurus Linguae Romanae et Britannicae

Facio, facis, feci, factum, facere.

To do: to make: to cause. Facit hoc argentum. Plaut. Money is cause of this. Facere suo arbitratu, vel arbittio. Cic. Facere, pro sacrisicate. Virg. To sacrisice. Factum, in responsione. Ter. dic mihi, Ausugistin? C. hera, factum. Yea sir I did. Facio, cum præpositiouibus, A vel AB, pro eo quodest PRO Vide A vel AB præpositiones. A se aliquid facere. Cic. To doe a thing of his owne head. Facere ab aliquo. Cicer. To make for one: to serue his purpose. Facit ad difficultatem vrinæ. Plin. It is good to prouoke vtiue, or against the strangutie. Facit præclarè cœliacis. Pli. It is verie medicinable for them that are sicke of the cholike. Factæ ad ipsum furcæ. Liu. Made for that purpose. Mirè ad pullatum circulum facit. Quint. Ats nostra facit ad bonos mores. Oui. Helpeth to the instruction of honest behauiour. Ad putum facere. Cæl. To do at ones becke. Ad perpendiculum facere. Plin. Vide AD. Manus illius faciunt ad omne seelus. Ouid. Non facit ad stomachum hæc res. Martial. This matter lyketh not vs: this is not to our appetite. Ad vnguem factus homo. Hora. A persire man in al points. Facere abortum. Plin. To trauaile before time. Quæ res mox acorem facit. Colum. Whiche thing maketh it sower by and by. Accessionem facere dicuntur hostes. Plancus ad Cicero. To increase: to grow to a greater number. Facere aditus ad causam illustres. Cic. Facere aditum. Quint. To make his entrie. Adiutorium in aliquam rem. Suet. To help or aide to do a thing. Facite adsitis domi. Terent. See that you be readie at home. Aduersus edictum facere. Terent. Adulterium. Gell. To commit adnoutrie. Ægrè alicui facere. Terent. To do that shall griene one. Æqui boni. Terent. To take in good parte. Aes alienum. Liu. To borrow money: to be come in debt. Aestimationem. Cic. To value. Alienationem. Cic. To alienate. Ambitus citca rem aliquam. Li. To go about: to make agreat circumstance about a matter. Amicitiam facere. Cæs. To alie in sriendship. Amicum me tibi fecir tua virtus. Horat. Animum alicuifacere. Liu. To incourage: to animate. Animos facere alicui in aliquem. Ouidius. To giue stomacke against: to make sterce, &c. Faciunt animos druitiæ. Li. Riches puffeth vp men, and maketh them prowde. Apertum aliquid facere alicui. Lucr. To declare, &c. Arbitrium Hor. To giue iudgement. Ardorem animis. Liu. To inflame mens heartes. Argentariam. Vide Argentaria in ARGENTVM. Artem ludicram. Plaut. To hoppe or daunce. Ascensionem ad locum aliquem. Plaut. To clime vp. Assulas forrbus. Plaut. To breake the doores in peeces.