Thomas Cooper
Thesaurus Linguae Romanae et Britannicae

Abhorreo, abhorres, abhorrui, abhorrêre, ablatiuo iungitur cum præposit. a, vel ab, & significat Prorsus alienum esse.

To Abhorre: to hate: to detest: to despise: to flee from: to be vnlike: to discord or disagree. Se ab his nuptijs abhorrere respondit. Cic. He could not abide those mariages. Abhorret à veritate. Suet. It is nothing likely to be true: it is cleane contrary to the truth. Ab ea senkentia Pompeius valdè abhorret. Cic. Dompey is cleane contrary or against this opinion: he agreeth not to this: or, he is cleane of an other opinion. A nostris studijs non abhorrens. Cicer. Not disagreeing or contrary, &c. Abhorret ab auribus vulgi, Cic. It doth not agre, or it is not agreeabie to the eares or hearing, &c. The people will not heare that. Illud abhorret à fide. Liu. It is not credible or likely to be true. A ducenda autem vxore sic abhorret, vt, &c. Cicer. He can so litle abide mariage: or hs doth so abhorte mariage, as, &c. A pugnando abhorrentes. Cic. A scribendo prorsus abhorrer animus. Cic. It is against my heart to write, or I can not abide to write. Alij ralibus vitijs abhorreant. Pro, à vitijs. Cic. Abhorrere, cum accusatiuo. Suet. Pumilios atque distortos abhorrebat. He did detest, he could not abide, &c. Parum abhorrens famam. Liuius. He made no account what men sayde of him, or passed not what they spake of him. Omnes abhorrebant. Cic. It was against all mens hearts, no man could abide it. Quorum auris atque animus à nobis abhorret. Cic. Whose eares and heart is against us, who can abide neither to heare good of vs, nor in their heartes to thinke well of vs. Abhorrer facinus ab illo. Cicer. It is not likely, that he will commit such a derestable act. Non abhorret hæc oratio ab. vtilitate auditorum. Cic. This talke is prositable to the hearers: or is not misagreeing with the profit of, &c. Abhorret voluntas eius à me. Cicer. He can not abide me in his heart: or, he can not brooke me: or, I am not in his fauour. Animo abhorrere ab aliqua re. Cic. In his heart to detest a thing. Studio & voluntate abhorrere ab aliqua re. Cic. Etsi à veritate longè, tamen à consuetudine criminandi non multum res abhorrebat. Cicer. The matter was not much contrary or disagreeing. Abhorrentes lachrymæ. Liu. Vaine weeping without reason or canse.