Thomas Cooper
Thesaurus Linguae Romanae et Britannicae

Aberrare, per, metaphoram. Cic. Sed redeatvnde aberrauit oratio.

But let out talke returne to that purpose from whence it wandred. Aberrare à regula & præsciptione vitæ. Cic. To smarue or goe from the right rule of sife. Aberrat ad alia oratio. Cic. Dut talke wandreth from the purpose to other matters. Animus aberrat à sententia, suspensis curis maioribus. Cic. Aberrare à communì vtilitate, Cicer. To go or swatue front the common profite. Non multum ab Herilli leuitate aberrabimus. Cicero. We shall be almost of as little coustancie and granitie as Herillus. Aberrare à miseria. Cicer. To turne or withdraw his minde from cogitation of his miserie. Aberrare proposito, vel à proposito. Cic. To goe or wander from. Aberrare coniectura, vel à coniectura, Cicer. To erre in coniecturing: in gessing not to hitte the truth: to coniecture amisse. Aberrare verbo. Cic. To misse or erre in a word. Aberrare nutu. Cicer. To berke or nodde amisse: in becking to be deceiued. Aberrant inter se orationes. Liui. Their talkes and wordes agree not.