Thomas Cooper
Thesaurus Linguae Romanae et Britannicae

Abduco, abdûcis, penult, longa, abduxi, abductum, abdúcere.

To leade away: to leade out: to take allde: to pull away: to withdraw: to take with. Sine vi. Terent. Tum me conuiuam solum abducebat sibi. Then he tooke me alone home with him as his guest, and none but me. Per vim. Cicer. Familiam abduxit, pecus abegit. He ledde away by force. Abducere vi, vel per vim. Cic. Abducere in aliquem locum. Terent. Cic. Abductum in secretum Masinissam sic alloquitur. Liuius. He tooke Wasinissa aside into a secret place. Abducere rus. Plaut. Abducere in diuersum à nido. Plin. To leade away cleane contrary from hir neast. Abducere in seruitutem. Cæs. To leade into bondage. Abduci etiam pecora dicuntur. Ouid. Vos abducam à testibus. Cicer. I will bring you from your witnesses. Abducere à meretricio quæstu. Cic. To withdraw. Aciem mentis à consuetudine oculorum. Cic. To withdraw the cogitation of our minde, from those things that customably me vse. Animum à cogitationibus. Cicer. To withdrawe the minde from fantasies, cogitations and musings. Animum à solicitudinc. Cic. From heauy pensiuenesse. Discipulum à pra ceptore. Cic. To turue a scholler from his maysters opinion: to withdrawe a scholler from his maister. Ab angoribus & molestijs abducere se. Cic. To withdrawe or pull backe him selfe from sorow and heauinesse. Abducere equitatum ab aliquo ad se. Cicer. To withdrawe the horsemen from the capitaine to him: to cause them to forsake their capitaine, and come to his seruice. Serunm ab aliquo. Cic. Vxorem à viro. Cic. To make the wife forsake hit husband, and follow him. Abduci ab institutis suis pecunia. Cic. To be ledde from his purpose with money or brides. Abducere aliquem ad ne quitiam. Terent. To leade one from honestie to lewdnesse <*> ill. Abducere à re aliqua hominem, & ad aliam traducere. Cic. Abducere aliquem à Republica. Merellus Ciceroni. To cause one to forsake the gouernment or affayres of the cõmon weale: to withdraw him from it. Abduco me ab omni Reip. cura, dedóque literis. Cic. Abducere ex acte. Cic. To bring out from the front of the battell. Abducere quempiam à fide. Cic. To cause one to breake his faith and troth: or to doe conitary to that he hath promised. Abducere caput ab ictu. Virg. To turne his heade from the stroke. Abducere gradum. Silius. To steppe backe: to retype. Abducere somnum. Ouid. To keepe from sleeping. Abducto intus visu. Plin. Looking backe inward. Nec abducar vt rear, aut in, & c. Cic. I will not be led, perswaded, or made to thinke either &c. Clauem abduxi. Plaut. I haue kept or brought away the key. Auferre & Abducere. Cic. Abduce pro Abduc dixit Terentius.