Thomas Cooper
Thesaurus Linguae Romanae et Britannicae

Abdicare, pro Respuere. Plin.

To reiect: to refuse: not to agree with. Abdicare se magistratu. Liu. Cic. To resigne or giue outt. Abdicare se rutela, libertate, & simil<*>us. Cic. To refuse to be any longer in warde. Abdicare generum, pro Repudiare. Ter. To refuse to haue him to his sonne in law: to east him off. Abdicare cibum aliquem, vel aurum. Pli. To prohibite the vse of any meate, as not good. Laurus manifesto abdicat ignes crepitu. Plín. The hay tree with cracking of the leaues, sheweth that of nature it is against, or can not agree with fire. Abdicare, pro Reijcere. Plin. To triect or put away. Abdicare & Reijcere. Cic. Abdicata Venere. Plin. Id est reiecta & repudiata.