Thomas Cooper
Thesaurus Linguae Romanae et Britannicae

Abalieno, abalienas, pen. pro. abalienâre. Cic.

To alienate: to giue ouer to another: to put or turne away: to make firaung: or to withdraw a mans mind from him. Abalienare ab aliquo alterum. Cic. To turne ones minde from another man. Totum se à te abalienauit Dolabella. Cicer. Dolabella hath cleane withdrawne him selfe from you. Abalienare voluntatem alicuius à se. Cic. To turne a mans heart from him. Abalienari ab aliquo. Plaut. To be separated from one. Abalienare & Retinere, contraria. Cic. Quos fouendo in communi causa retinere potuerunt, inuidendo abalienarunt.