Thomas Cooper
Thesaurus Linguae Romanae et Britannicae

Abacus, abaci. pen. breui. m.g à geniti. Græco a\)bax<*>

It is a plaine place made in a building of stone to sit on, a seate or benche of marble. Plin. Also a square table of stant set vpon the thapiters of pillars in building, Vitruuius. Also a coun. ting table, suth as Auditours or Arithmetricians doe vse, or, Astronomers descriue their figures in Martian. A chest bourd, or playing tables. Macrob. A cupbourde to set plate vpon. Iuuen. Totos dies abaco & latrunculis conterunt. They spende whole dayes in playing at tables or chestes. Abacus solis. The breadth or compasse of the bodie of the sunne as it appeareth to out fight. Cælius.