Hutton, Charles
A Mathematical and Philosphical Dictionary


, or Cluverius, (Philip), a celebrated geographer, was born at Dantzic in 1580. After an education at home, he travelled into Poland, Germany, and the Netherlands, to improve himself in the knowledge of the law. But, when at Leyden, Joseph Scaliger persuaded him to give way to his genius for geography. In pursuance of this advice, Cluvier visited the greatest part of the European states. He was well skilled in many languages, speaking half a score with facility, viz, Greek, Latin, German, French, English, Dutch, Italian, Hungarian, Polish, and Bohemian. On his return to Leyden, he taught there with great applause; and died in 1623, being only 43 years of age, justly esteemed the first geographer who had put his researches in order, and reduced them to certain principles. He was author of several ingenious works in geography, viz:

1. De Tribus Rheni Alveis.

2. Germania Antiqua.

3. Italia Antiqua, Sicilia, Sardinia, & Corsica.

4. Introductio in Universam Geographiam.