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Wed Nov 30 12:55:17 CET 2005

Search Page - Http Interface

Some CGI querystring parameters

1. "Auth" : Per author searches

variable name: auth

value: any valid archimedes id (locator minus ".xml").

Thus, to search only a particular work, append to the query-string


where "auth" is the variable name and its value is a valid archimedes "id" (i.e. the "locator" from the file header minus the ".xml").

The parameter can be used more than once, to create custom search lists. For example, the query-string for a search for forms of "pondus" in



would be:


NB. An invalid id does not vitiate the search. Invalid ids are simply ignored.

A complete and up-to-date list of works and their ids can be obtained by looking at the html at

2. "Querystring": query terms

variable name: querystring

value: query terms separated by "+". A term prefaced by %3A (":") will find only that form of the word. A term without a preceding colon will find all forms of the word, as well as forms of words with similar dictionary heads, if they exist.


searches for sentences containing any form of natura


searches for sentences containing any form of natura but only circuli, the genitive singular of circulus