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The Archimedes Project Dictionary Service provides a Web interface to the lexica and encyclopedias of the Archimedes Project Corpus. It also acts as a portal that makes external resources available for use with Archimedes Project morphology tools.
The Service consists of two interfaces.
  • A Lookup Tool, which finds dictionary entries that are relevant to entered words.
  • A Dictionary Browser, which allows access to dictionaries and encyclopedias via headwords
Lookup Tool
Using the Lookup Tool from the Browser
The query page provides an interface for entering queries.
The results page lists all of the entries found by the Lookup Tool that could be relevant to the entered word. Clicking on one of the links in the results table opens an entry in one of the dictionaries.
Clicking on the "results as xml" link returns the results on the current page as xml; this provides added functionality to the xml-rpc tool.
The entry page provides a single dictionary entry Clicking on the "link" image in the toolbar causes all of the words in the entry to be "looked up" by the Lookup Tool.
Javascript access
Access to the Lookup Tool may also be easily added to any HTML page by including a link to one of our javascript scripts.
Paste the following tag into the "head" element of any HTML page.
<script source=""/>
Clicking on any word on the page will now open a link to the Lookup Tool, and will cause the Lookup Tool to look for entries appropriate to that word in a given language. In this example, the language is Italian.
Six languages are currently supported. To use one of the other supported langauges, just replace the url after "script source=" above with one of these:
  • Latin:
  • Ancient Greek:
  • Italian:
  • French:
  • Dutch:
  • German:
Note: the scripts for German, French, and Dutch open links to external dictionaries.
CGI Parameters
  • lang: ( la | fr | el | nl | de | it )
  • w: the word to be analyzed
  • step: ( table | remotetable | entry)
    • table: analyze value of w and return a table of relevant entries
    • remotetable: analyze value of w and redirect to an external dictionary website
    • entry: return an entry from dictionary in dict for word in head
  • head: the headword for which a dictionary entry from dictionary specified in dict is to be displayed
  • link: ( 1 ) link the words on an entry page back to the Lookup Tool
  • inword: the word originally submitted for lookup
  • dict: indicate the dictionary from which to display an entry
Morphology Service: XML-RPC access
The morphological services can also be accessed directly,via the same XML-RPC interface that the Lookup Tool uses as a backend. This gives direct access to the morphological tools running on the Project's server.
Documentation of the XML-RPC interface appears on the XML-RPC help page.
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Archimedes Project:Dictionary Service:Documentation